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Our Collaboration With Nautistyles

This weekend we are announcing our collaboration with the voice in nautical fashion - Nautistyles. We got together to showcase our capsule collection out in Marina Del Ray in sunny California. The effortlessly cool Victoria combines our Navy Cruising Bracelet with a white watch and stripy shirt for a seamless look.   The Regatta Bracelet, seen in White or Blue is a key addition to any outfit. Constructed with real sailing rope, and Sailing Shackles, it's sure to let everyone know your passion for the sport. And Victoria wears hers perfectly!   The Anchor detail on the Cruising line is the perfect reminder of Victoria's passion for all things nautical. She wears the Navy to match, and the Maroon as a pop of...

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Setting Olympic Goals - Interview With Sarah Douglas

With her whole life revolving around competitive sailing, Sarah Douglas has her eye on the prize – the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. But until then, we caught up with her to hear a little bit about her road to the top. As a proud supporter of Sail Swag, she gladly sat down with us to share her story on how she is using this summer to prepare for her lifelong dream of becoming an Olympian. During our conversation, the Canadian National Sailing Team member told us what inspired her and how she overcomes the many challenges in her way.   Can you tell us a little bit about how you first got into sailing? I grew up in the beautiful island of Barbados....

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New Collection of Anchor Bracelets is Here!

After a long and challenging process, we are excited to finally announce the launch of our new collection of products re-designed to fit better with our brand identity. The new anchor featured on the Cruising and Explorer bracelets embodies elements found in our logo, while maintaining a sleek and modern look. Our brand name has also been engraved on the side of the anchor to make it stand out at a closer look. The Cruising Anchor Bracelet is available in silver or black metal, attached to a fine synthetic fiber cord in 6 distinct colors. Choose from Navy, Black, Maroon, Beige, or one of the two combination colors titled Classic and Modern.    The Explorer Anchor Bracelet is handcrafted using genuine leather and features a more rugged look, designed for...

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