Climbing Map
Climbing Map
Climbing Map
Climbing Map
Climbing Map

Climbing Map

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Really love climbing? rock climbing? bouldering? We've got you covered with this map of climbing showing you the world of climbing, from traditional (or "trad") and sport climbing to deep water soloing and the most scenic crags. Over 300 climbing areas and crags, information on climbing types, number of routes, heights and levels.

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  • size: 97.5 cm × 56 cm (38 inches × 22 inches)
  • print: silk-coated, acid-free, heavy-stock (250 gsm), no-shine-through paper
  • qualities: re-writability coating (use with a whiteboard marker)


  • huge size: 146 cm × 86 cm (57.5 inches × 34 inches)
  • archival-grade canvas and print quality
  • printed on 100% cotton heavy-weight (360 gsm) cloth
  • best colors you can get with an eco-conscious water-based ink that will last a lifetime, on bright white with high contrast
  • comes without a frame


  • huge size: 180 cm × 95 cm (71 inches × 37 inches)
  • microfibre towel, super light-weight, quick drying, and highly-absorbent
  • anti-bacterial properties
  • no PVC, and ink-free solvents
  • made 100% in the European Union