Sail Swag is a sailing-themed fashion accessories and lifestyle brand that was inspired by the love of the open water and a passion for sailing. 

Our products are designed in Canada and made using authentic sailing materials that can be found on a yacht or a sailboat. Whether you are a passionate sailor, a curious explorer or just someone who enjoys long walks along the shore, there is something that will likely fit your personal style.  

Influenced by the beauty and serenity of lakes, seas, and oceans, Sail Swag combines traditional nautical elements with a clean and simple design, producing a look that will compliment any outfit.

We seek to inspire innovation, while preserving tradition, and invite you to take part in our journey to share our passion with the rest of the world. 

We look forward to our ongoing relationship,

Team Sail Swag.

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We are passionate about marine life and the entire marine ecosystem. One percent of our profits are donated to The Ocean Cleanup, a charitable initiative that develops technologies to extract, prevent, and intercept plastic pollution in our oceans. Using research and innovation, they have initiated the largest oceanic clean up in history.
Plastic Oceans
The Plastic Oceans Foundation has released a documentary film, A Plastic Ocean, by director Craig Leeson. Support the organization by renting or buying the film on the Apple iTunes store. Proceeds from the film help bring awareness to the Plastic Oceans foundations around the world.