Plastic Pollution In Aquatic Systems
Plastic Pollution In Aquatic Systems

Plastic Pollution In Aquatic Systems

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Plastic poses a massive contamination problem for the environment, especially in the aquatic system where it is difficult to monitor.This study is hoped to be a first step towards better understanding and addressing mainly the micro-plastic pollution problem in different aquatic systems. By integrating the literature study with the laboratory experiments of the plastic pollutants, I expect this work will provide valuable insight into determining the influence of the plastic to the environment, and that it will also offer a starting point for stakeholders, and society more broadly, to develop community-centered initiatives to reduce or even eliminate plastic pollution in our environment.

Kong Haicun is an Europeean-based researcher on environment engineering and management. He obtained two Master degrees in Law (Tsinhua University) and in Environment Science (Geneva University). His research on human rights of "Government Transparency and Access to Information" was published in 2015.


  • Authored by: Kong Haicun

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